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Video – The Halm Jet Press

May 28, 2012

What are we always looking for in Direct Mail Production from our suppliers? There are many things of course, but I can boil them down to three general areas:

A high quality product

The lowest possible cost

A short turnaround time

You want to satisfy all three of your needs above and you’re quoting envelopes for your next Direct Mail campaign. Any graphic artists out there? As Direct Mail Project Managers, we need you to work with us in production to create a design to run on a specific piece of equipment which can deliver all three of the above requirements.

The machine I am talking about is the Halm jet press, which can be a perfect match for specific designs that ensure a beautiful final product. This press is used for printing pre-manufactured envelopes. Most of the time we run 2 colour jet designs, but some suppliers have a 4 colour jet press too. Here is a video of the 4 colour press operated by Royal Envelope in Concord, Ontario, Canada near Toronto.

As it says in the video, this is a perfecting press so we can print both sides in one pass which saves time and money. Royal Envelope also has 2 colour perfecting jet presses, so you might save even a little more if you can limit your design to 2 colours.

If there are any graphic artists out there that are good at creating designs for the 2 colour press, please chime in and tell us how well it works for you. For example, have you tried creating any duo-tone designs that make it look like 4 colour work?  Maybe you could provide a link to a sample of your work. Come on, don’t be shy – show us your talent!

If I can collaborate with one of you artists, I’ll write a post on the requirements for designing an envelope to run on the Halm jet presses.

If you want to learn more about envelopes, watch another video showing how conventional envelope manufacturing is done by die-cutting.

  1. “Video – The Halm Jet Press Direct Mail Production Canada” was
    indeed a fantastic article, cannot wait to read a lot more of ur posts.

    Time to squander several time on-line haha. Thanks for the post -Fatima

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