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Video: Pfaff Takes Direct Mail Production on the Road!

August 10, 2012

The video caption says “With a camera, laptop, printer and Porsche, we created the first instant direct mail piece for Pfaff Auto, Toronto.”

That is what Advertising Agency Lowe Roche did in Toronto, Canada for auto retailer Pfaff located in its new digs in Newmarket at Mulock Drive & Leslie Street. Check out the video to see how they did it:

Maybe laborious and costly but an amazingly creative way to take Direct Mail Production to new heights! Going on the road? I love it! Did you see the gear they had – a generator, the cutting board, ruler and knife right there in the back of the van. Imagine the logistics if you were the Production Manager on this one! Glad they had a nice sunny day for it.

Do you or your clients have a high-end segment that warrants this kind of special attention? What kind of response rates are your campaigns achieving? The video says that Pfaff had a 32% response rate to opt for a test drive so maybe the ROI made it worthwhile. How would you use this idea for your industry or your house list? I would love to know the overall costs and final sales results attributed to the Pfaff campaign. (At least there was no cost for postage!)

Hey Pfaff, I live in Newmarket – could you leave a Porsche in my driveway too? But maybe you could just leave it there and mail me the keys?

  1. James Rich permalink

    This is a poor example of utilizing direct mail. It is unethical and illegal. The mail piece was not introduced into a Postal facility and no postage was paid. Also, introducing anything into a mail box on private property is illegal in the United States. The obvious creativity was greatly overshadowed by the illegal method of delivery by the advertising agency Lowe Roche.

    • I didn’t know that it was illegal in the US Jim. Do you know why? Is it something to do with exclusivity rights for USPS? Not sure what you mean about it being unethical – are you thinking of privacy issues? I don’t think it’s illegal here in Canada but I must say I did wonder if Pfaff received any complaints regarding privacy. The video is so overwhelmingly positive but of course we may never know if one of the prospects was unhappy about their house being caught by the eye of the camera. I was thinking that if I’d had a complaint about privacy I would have cited Google Streetview to demonstrate that taking a photo of someone’s house is well-accepted. What are your thoughts?

      • its a privacy issue here in the US thats why it is illegal. there is confidential information going in and out of the mail box for identity thieves or any kind of thieves to take. the USPS cannot single out any one particular person or group so its illegal for all except the postal worker. i know this agency meant no harm, but if you are going to call a direct mail piece, send it through the postal service otherwise its just a distribution.

        very very creative though i did like it a lot!

      • Thank you Jared. I am going to look this up re Canadian law as it seems equally important here and probably most country’s postal services reflect the same rules & policies.

  2. It looks like they shot in the Stonehaven area in Newmarket, Ontario to me. Anyone know if that’s true?

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