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Video: Direct Mail Achieves 20% Lift Using Augmented Reality

August 23, 2012

What is Augmented Reality? Wikipedia says it is a technology in which virtual reality replaces the real world with a simulated one.

I wrote a post earlier here about Augmented Reality (AR) but I thought you would be interested in another example that I found.  Offering integrated marketing?  See the video below and try using AR in your Direct Mail or stand alone print piece.

RappWorldwide won an award for their Toyota Camry campaign.  The video boasts a 20% lift in sales attributed to the campaign.  Have a look – instead of just looking at a printed piece, it feels like you are inside the car and can touch the controls.  Graphic Artists, Printers, Direct Mail Services and other Direct Marketing Suppliers should be learning how to use AR to promote their services and increase the effectiveness of their offerings.

The technology is embedded in the print piece and when smart phone users with the corresponding app (examples:  1, 2 or 3) scan the piece here’s the kind of experience they can expect:

I know the QR code is not dead but honestly, as a consumer, wouldn’t you rather have a cool interactive experience when you scan a printed piece rather than being directed to a website?  There are a few different AR technologies available, but I haven’t found anything to scan yet in Canada!  I keep going to Chapters in Newmarket, Ontario looking in magazines for one of the logos for Layar, Aurasma, or Blippar on any page so I can try it. If you are going to incorporate it into your printed pieces, make sure you put some instructions in a sidebar or a conspicuous place so that people will know what app they need and how to scan the piece.

Let me know if you are using any of these and where I can get a printed sample – I will continue to post the best examples I see out there! Better yet, include me as a seed in your mailing list if you are going to create a Direct Mail campaign using AR! See the “About” section here for my contact info.

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